As life returns to "normal" there are so pent up birthdays, weddings, graduations, babies and so many occasions, big and little, that can't go unmarked!


This handsomely boxed set is the perfect gift to help celebrate a significant event!


  • Happiness. The warm, cozy fragrance of vanilla takes center stage, with notes of anise, woody fennel, neroli, bergamot and amber adding depth.
  • Jubilation. Fragranced with grapefruit bergamot and topped with colored salt crystals.
  • Champagne.  Truly effervescent, the fragrance of this bar is the smell of celebration!


Want to choose your own mix? Just specify three bars in a comment and (if I am able), I would be happy to box up your special order (no additional charge)!


All packaging is recyclable.


If this is a gift, let me know the message you'd like me to hand-write for the recipient!

Celebrate boxed gift set