Off on a quick break! I will ship out new order by Saturday, April 24 upon my return!


It's my Democracy Wins Gift Pack!


The perfect gift for anyone who worked for a positive outcome in our November election: THANK YOU ACTIVISTS!


  • Blue Wave 2020. Wash away the stain of the last four years with Blue Wave 2020 soap! The delightful fragrance is "exotic citrus, lime oil, grapefruit, cardamom, and red berry. The heart is composed of blue agave flower, sea salt, orchid, geranium, and white lily, and the base unites cocoa, vetiver, cinnamon, musk, and vanilla."
  • Celebrate! We have SO MUCH to celebrate! The scent, a fragrance and essential oil blend, marries bright citrus notes with a deep cognac undertones. A unique, intoxicating fragrance!
  • Billionaire Tears. If you thought drinking Billionaire Tears to be delightful, you should try bathing in them! The briny, sea salt, fragrance is the scent of schadenfreude.



If this is a gift, let me know the message you'd like me to hand-write for the recipient!


All packaging is 100% recyclable.

Democracy Wins Gift Pack


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