We've been told otherwise, but you really CAN buy Happiness.


The combination of blue and gold swirls make this one of the prettiest bars of soap I've ever made! I love it!


BUT! I recently made a mistake and failed to swirl an entire batch of Happiness. Oops! It's still the same wonderful, delightfully-smelling soap, but without the pretty swirls. 


I was told that it was still lovely and that I shouldn't just scrap it and so... you can purchase Unexpected Happiness for $1 less than regular Happiness!


It's a reminder that sometimes happiness looks different than you expect and it can be wonderful all the same!


The fragrance is predominantly vanilla, with notes of anise, woody fennel, neroli, bergamot and amber. It's a complex and gorgeous blend!


Did you know that vanilla has been linked to the production of endorphins? This is one of the reasons this bar is called Happiness!


Generously sized 4-5 ounce bars.

Happiness and Unexpected Happiness