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This delightfully sunny bar was made to raise money for Project Lemonade, a Portland, OR non-profit providing clothing and self-esteem to local foster youth!


THANK YOU to our sponsors who each donated $2/bar of this soap ($200) to Project Lemonade: Luscious Jewelry; Saint Cupcake; Perfect Mug Pottery; BadAss Quilters; The Beekeeper's Wife; Optimistic Soap; Huffman Tax and Accounting; Cheryl's Southern Soapery; In Our America, Love Wins; and Jen & Brett Andres.


Please check out our fundraising page to find out how you can win a bundle of 20 bars of Optimistic Soap!


Squeeze the day is bright and citrusey, predominantly lemon with lime and orange notes blended with a touch of bergamot and rosewood for complexity.


Topped with gold mica (because foster kids deserve a little sparkle in their lives).


Generously sized 4-5 ounce bars.

Squeeze the Day! (vegan)

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