About Me


I am obsessed.


The process of soap-making utterly bewitched me from the first time I made a simple kitchen-ingredients recipe in a discarded juice container. I watched the liquid batter solidify into a solid overnight and eagerly waited for my new soap to completely cure.


Over the years and with a lot of new techniques, essential oils, exotic butters and experiments, I only became more enamored of the seemingly magical art of soapmaking.


It's a craft that nourishes my soul and I am very happy to be able to share my creations with you! I have often shared that one reason that I finally began offering my soap for sale is simply to pay for more supplies so that I can make more soap!

Why "Optimistic Soap?"


Part of my proceeds will always be shared with the world, to make good on the promise of optimism implied in my name. I have donated more soap to support causes that I love than I have kept track of, in addition to always donating a portion of my proceeds to other charities. 


I can't cure all the world's ills with soap, but, with a little luck, I can make modest contributions that can help blind people to see, feed hungry families and shelter frightened refugees.

Most recently, I donated generously to Fair Fight, to help with their goal of strengthening democracy!

One donation to Raphael House, a shelter for victims of domestic abuse, lit my soul for weeks.


Thanks for helping me realize this vision!

Who am I?

I'm Molly Lee, mother of twins, living in Portland, Oregon. By day, I work as an IT professional. Optimistic Soap allows me a creative, tactile outlet that feeds my soul and allows me to give something back to the world that I love.