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About Hope Soap


UPDATE: In just a single week, all 100 bars of Hope Soap were sold! The pledged donations are flowing to Outside in already!

Many thanks to all who helped make this fundraiser a success, including those who purchased a bar (or 10!): Joyce, Jennifer, Alice, Steve (dude!), Michele, Omar, Kim, Deb, Kristin, Meg, Kate, MariaElena, Karen, Kristy, Margaret, Rochelle, Melissa, Erin, Amy, Marci, John, Amy, Janet, Josh (who purchased TEN), Juline, Jeffrey, Heather, Susie Q, and Nadia (the FIRST sale)!

Nothing left to do but DANCE!


Hope Soap, a collaboration between Outside In and Optimistic Soap, was created to fund life-giving services to local LGBTQIA+ youth experiencing homelessness.

Every time a bar of Hope Soap is sold, a $14.25 donation will be made, thanks to the generosity of some community-minded businesses (for a total of $1,425).  

Many thanks to our donors!

  • Rational Unicorn Legal Services.   Rational Unicorn Legal Services offers "community business law for everyone in the community." Their business and intellectual property clients include small businesses, nonprofits, and artists/entertainers. Contact them.

  • In Our America, Love Wins.  Dreaming of an America where love wins? You are not alone.The In Our America flag stands for a nation where everyone belongs. We promote the positive values on the In Our America flag, fund aligned grassroots organizations, and work to save democracy.

  • Citizen Ruth. Citizen Ruth is an ethics forward queer-owned company providing high quality, intersectional feminist art, books, clothing, jewelry, and personal and home accessories.

  • Saturn Stickers. Just a couple of goofy dorks who love the whole process of making stickers.

  • Welcome to PDX. Welcome to PDX is Deb Counts-Tabor, your Emotional Support Realtor in both Oregon and Washington. She focuses on educating you through the process; information reduces anxiety!

And these individuals:

  • Kristin LaFlamme

  • Corina Dragonfly

  • Teri Grant Morgan

Special thanks to Kayla Marie, who named Hope Soap.

The funds raised will go directly to Outside In's LGBTQIA+ Services, which provides, among other things, life-giving medical care, community resources, a safe space and housing resources. 

Since 1968, Outside In has provided a safe, supportive, and inclusive place for health care, along with services to help the underserved and people experiencing homelessness achieve independence.


For more information, call 503.535.3800 or email

Purchase Hope Soap now!


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