• Molly

Soap Can Cure Blindness

I chose the name Optimistic Soap not only because I feel it's an adjective that describes me, but I also want this to be part of my company's philosophy.

Today at work, I happened to have a big basket of products that a coworker had brought back to me. Impulsively, I put it out on our company breakroom and invited people to take home soap in return for a donation to Seva, an amazing organization dedicated to helping bring sight to vulnerable people in developing countries.

By the end of the day, I had not only raised $142 but I also had raised awareness of Seva to my coworkers! One of my colleagues was inspired to put in his own $50 donation directly to Seva and let me know that my gesture had sparked his generosity!

A $50 donation is enough to allow Seva to perform a life-altering cataract surgery, so that one simple gesture (which cost me so little) means that four more people will be able to see when they couldn't before.

An excellent day's work!

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