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I've been obsessed with making rainbow soaps for the past year.

Unicorn Dreams has been a favorite and the bar that I've made over and over again all year long, tweaking proportions, trying out different swirls.

My latest iteration, PRIDE, is based on the LGBTQ Pride flag. To get the very clean layers, I had to mix and pour six different batches of soap over the course of several days.

After curing, I set this soap aside and basically forgot about it until I saw a video clip of Michelle Obama talking about the day marriage equality passed. It was such a lovely story that brought me back to that glorious day.

Do you remember what it felt like the day that love won?

I grew up in a wholly different time and, even though I dearly loved my gay and lesbian friends, I never would have dreamed that this would have happened in my lifetime.

Even today, I feel shivers and come quickly to tears (of joy), at the memory of that day.


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