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Rosemary Lemongrass and... Beer???

Newly cured and ready to be labeled and put in the store!

In front, soap scented with rosemary and lemongrass essential oils, sprinkled with some gold mica (for added glitz!) and decorated with sensuous swirls of turquoise, blue velvet and apple green!

A version of this was such a favorite that a customer ordered an entire loaf to be given as holiday gifts for friends, with a custom label -- super cute!

And, in back, something completely different! Beer soap! Not only is it scented with an oatmeal stout fragrance oil, but most of the liquid was replaced with a locally-brewed oatmeal stout beer! The beer contributes to a rich, foamy lather (really!). This one has no added colorants (the fragrance oil naturally discolors to a dark brown).

These beauties will be added to the store very shortly! And not a moment too soon -- I've had several sales that have almost completely plundered my inventory! A nice problem to have for a soap seller!


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