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Argan Oil: My Hair Looks Amazing

My hair looks amazing.

And, honestly, I am not at all McBraggy about my looks in general and certainly never about my hair!

In fact, I have despaired over my hair for, literally, decades. I've tried every hair smoothing miracle cure out there (shampoos, gels, smoothers, chemical straighteners and more), with limited results. My hair was frizzy and, left down, would spread out in an unattractive Roseanne Roseannadanna pyramid shape.

After spending hard-earned dollars on the latest slickly promoted product, I would resignedly toss my hair into a pony tail until the next product seduced me with promises it couldn't keep.

Except for the past few months.

That's when I discovered Argan oil.

Google it yourself and find out more about this natural product! I admit, I was skeptical (go back and review the part where I talk about all the fancy hair products I bought that did nada), but I like to experiment with different oils in my soaps, so I tried a little bit. And then more.

Then I experimented with enhancing it with essential oils.

And, suddenly, I was wearing my hair down. Every day. And lapping up the compliments.

A half-dropper of my hair serum on towel-dried hair, blow-dried with a little flip and, unexpectedly and with the greatest of ease, I had the easy hair that I'd always longed for!

I hadn't actually considered marketing it for others, but people would not stop asking me about the change in my appearance, so I finally made up some samples for some friends. And they loved it. And begged to buy some from me!

So here I am!

I am in the last rounds of packaging my Argan Oil Hair Serum. I'll be selling in two different styles: Rosemary Peppermint (spicy) or Ylang Ylang Geranium (floral) essential oils!

I found the most adorable bottles with handy droppers. Since you only need half a dropper at a time, an ounce will likely last a very long time!

As a styling product, the serum doesn't work for all hair types. It can be too heavy for very fine hair, for instance. For my own hair, long, thick and on the coarse side, it's been truly marvelous. It's also been excellent for hair with a bit of frizz or downright curly hair.

All hair types could benefit from using it to restore damaged or dry hair -- it is fantastic as an overnight conditioner (shampoo in the morning).

Do an online search of the benefits of Argan oil for hair and you will see many articles (and a glance at how much Argan oil is included in products in the store will show how popular this oil has become, however it is such a precious oil that there are likely only trace amounts in many of the drugstore products).

It's been credited with everything from restoring hair's natural lustre to repairing split ends. I take all the hype with a big grain of salt and can only report that, for my own hair and for my testers' this hair serum has been just short of a miracle.


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